Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HCC Annual Fall Sale!!! Selling Oct 9th!!! Bids Close at 6 PM!!!

TAG 5 - Steer
Slightly Modified X Dr. Hook

TAG 34 - Steer
Secret Agent X Echo/EXT

TAG 37 - May PB Simmental Heifer
Drakkar X HCC Donor Perfectionist (Dream On)

TAG 42 - January PB Simmental Heifer
Dreamworks X Goldmine/SAC Mr. MT

TAG 44 - April Maintainer or Sim Solution Heifer
Irish Whiskey X Power Drive

TAG 48 - Steer
Grizzly X Sun Seeker/HCC Donor 1014

TAG 53 - Steer
Heat Seeker X Who's Your Daddy

TAG 90 - May Chi Heifer
My Turn X Maximus

More Pictures and Videos to be upload daily.  Cattle available for viewing at barn in Rensselaer! For more information contact Brad at (812) 593-0069.